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The Mystical Backpacker’s Mystic Meditations

Having mystical experiences isn’t something we’re all trained to do or familiar with. As you begin to flex your mystic muscles, these meditations help you move toward that space for some of the chapter exercises where a little external support might be helpful. These meditations are optional and not necessary to use if you’ve already tapped into your inner mystic. But if you need a little help, these were recorded for you…

Mystic Meditation: Finality

This first mystic meditation assists you with one of the exercises found at the end of Chapter One. It helps you connect with the yet unfulfilled dreams of your soul.

Mystic Meditation: Sacred Talisman

This second mystic meditation supports you with one of the exercises found at the end of Chapter Two. As you prepare for your own mystical backpacking odyssey, this meditation helps you begin to create sacred space for yourself.

Mystic Meditation: Enlightenment Prayer

This third meditation is the ultimate trip into the mystical! Learn how to move beyond yourself and connect with a feeling of enlightenment, if even for a moment. This meditation helps you grow the tools in your Mystical Toolbox that we explore in Chapter Four.

Mystic Meditation: Releasing Shame and Guilt

In this fourth and final meditation promised in the book, you receive support for one of the powerful and transformative exercises featuring in Chapter Seven. As you chart your new course forward, this meditation aids and assists you with shedding some emotional weight so you’re lighter for your bright, bright future.