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wc-sm-The journey is twofold; first, you head out into the world to experience an adventure all by yourself.  Go anywhere you want – Italy, Mozambique, Tibet or Wisconsin – the choice is yours and there’s no ‘wrong’ place to go.  Second, you travel the inner road to personal freedom (don’t worry, the book tells you how) and you reconnect with your authentic, bad-ass self! This is the 21st century vision quest: a place where the solitude required to experience the world from a fresh perspective yields the greatest treasure of all: discovering your destiny.

“The truth is, we don’t need to look to adventurers and heroes as people separate from or better than us. We can choose to make our lives an adventure and to be the heroes of our own stories. Within each of us there is an adventurer waiting to be brought to light, a hero waiting for the opportunity to save ourselves from ourselves.  So, how do we unearth these magical qualities?” – Hannah Papp







Are You a Mystical Backpacker?

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Amazing journeys don’t always require a bag packed with all you “need”.

  • You’ll definitely ‘need’ a journal…or two…or three
  • You’ll absolutely need your Mystical Toolbox (and the tools inside it)!
  • Bring your bravest self…
  • Your most comfortable shoes…
  • And your arsenal of Big Comfort in Small Sizes (check out our Pinterest page for ideas!)
  • Leave your worries, pressures and limitations behind, because things are about to get mystical!

The Mystical Backpacker Community

We love our community and are dedicated to offering amazing insights and assistance as you journey. From helpful travel tips to inspirational and informative content, we try to keep it fresh, real and uplifting. We hope you have fun adventuring through these pages and discovering more of what we’re dishin’ up!

“In a world where the only constancy is change, staying put where we are is not an option. We need to set out in search of new and better trails. What better way to do that than by mystical backpacking?” – Ervin Laszlo
author, The Consciousness Revolution
“Follow Hannah Papp and learn how to go beyond living in the status quo to regain meaning and passion in your life.” – Sandra Ingerman
author, Walking in Light
“In the spirit of Odysseus and his journey home, Hannah Papp shares her personal odyssey, inspiring us on our own soul’s path.” – Linda Howe
author, Healing Through the Akashic Records
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